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"Your Strung Together band was a big hit with us BCTMA folks!  Thank so much for coming over to Washington and playing! What a talented family!! I loved your song selection and your genuine friendly stage presence. What a treat!!!  Again, many thanks for making our party a fun time for all!"

"You have a beautiful, talented family. Thank you again for performing at MERCI on MIDDLE, we hope you will join us again next year!"

"I’m writing to thank you and your family for serenading our event last night.  Your music was the perfect accompaniment for that atmosphere. It sounded great and I heard lots of people really appreciating what you were doing!  Thanks for being such an active leader and participant in our community."

"You and your family made our Christmas event a night that people will be talking about for many years. Thanks for such an entertaining show."

"What a GREAT evening! George Oliver was here with his family and a couple friends and they provided us with two hours of uninterrupted, excellent entertainment.  As everyone who attended last night's performance will substantiate, they sure are an incredibly talented family!"

"Strung Together scored big points in Cypress Landing last night.  Your performance was well received and everyone here marvels at what a good job you and Dare are doing as parents.  All the comments about the show and the performers have been extremely positive.  I want to thank you personally for making our committee look good and giving our community such a nice evening together."

"Again, thank you so much for your time and service to the North Carolina Seafood Festival!  We truly enjoyed your performance and cannot thank you enough!"